Abortion in America // Op-ed

I’m legitimately confused on how we can use terms like “America is the greatest country in the world” and then have white CIS men controlling quite literally reproductive choices and opportunities (and in many cases, lack thereof).

If we continue to go on saying that we are the greatest country in the world, we need things like free healthcare, free contraception, access to more health education resources (including reproductive but not limited to), and sustained government funding for those who provide health education and services (here’s looking at you, Planned Parenthood).

We also need to remove the stigma that consensual sex and mistakes made (and/or accidents) during consensual sex make you a bad person. Newsflash, it doesn’t. Accidents happen. We need to not feel guilty — at any age– for needing, or wanting, birth control, emergency contraception, or abortions.

The fact of the matter is, no one is like “you know what would be fun today, getting an abortion.” Literally NO ONE.

And, the fact that the ability to make and carry out decisions as women and transmen is aggressively controlled by lawmakers — who, might I add, are white men — is beyond my level of comprehension. We should be able to decide to get an abortion due to rape or bad sex decisions or bad partners or just because we feel like it, as much as we should be able to make decisions on raising a baby, putting them up for adoption, deciding where they should go to school and live etc.

It’s not about pro choice or pro life for me, it’s about barring other people (and in this case men) from proactively making any decision that concerns our bodies and our bodies alone. Men are so quick to say “you should get an abortion” when they don’t want to take on that responsibility as quick as they are to say “you shouldn’t be allowed to have an abortion” … how about you back away from our uterus and let us make decisions for ourselves.

– Kristyn Potter (she/her) / NYC


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