Emily Rowed x Watercolors (Live)

We recently came across this new track from Emily Rowed and couldn’t help but share — her voice is like crystal, and the aesthetics of this music video give me Marian Hill or Lizzy Plapinger (MSMR) vibes.

It’s so refreshing to see a woman sing about love, and moving to LA, without making the music video engulfed in clichés. By stripping down the overly sexualized image of a female musician, throwing on a sweatshirt, big headphones, and singing a track live, Emily Rowed challenges common themes that we are seeing in the music industry today — and have seen for a while.

Props to her. Watch the video for Watercolors below //

(Note: I hate to be just another person assuming pronouns so, people on Emily’s team  please let HSD know if we got the pronouns right or if they should be changed)


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