Sandy vs. Serena in Today’s Episode of Racial Profiling

This may come as a shock to some but while it is a known fact that black men are constantly racially profiled, so are black women — more often than you think.

My mother was shopping at a Stein Mart in North Carolina and once she got to the checkout counter, made her purchase and left, the alarm went off and a white woman who was standing behind her shouted “She stole something.”

No, no she didn’t. The cashier forgot to remove a sensor.

Black women are constantly victims of racial profiling in stores, but there hasn’t been a case of such wonderful vindication compared to the one that recently occurred with SZA and Rihanna.

Acclaimed African American singer and songwriter SZA was happily shopping for Fenty beauty products at the Sephora in Calabasas (home to the Kar-Jenners) when security was sent over to see if she was stealing the products. Which wasn’t cool before and isn’t cool now. Following the millennial code of enraged conduct, she took to social media.

Rihanna got word of this alleged profiling and did what any queen would do: sent SZA a gift card to shop Fenty beauty products in peace. Move over Meghan Markle, there’s a new duchess in London.

And because we love a happy ending rooted in diversity and inclusion — the power of social media and star power cause Sephora to take a look at its racist self in the mirror. They closed all of its U.S. stores for an hour yesterday to host “inclusion workshops” for its 16,000 employees.

While one hour can’t take away years of deeply rooted systemic racism, it’s a start — or at least that’s what I’m telling myself before I go to sleep.

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