Giungla // Better Than Ever

Italian born artist, Giungla (Ema Drei) has written the perfect anthem for modern day women.

While you might think that’s a huge claim to make — just wait, we will explain. Her new tune “Better Than Ever” is upbeat and catchy and tells us “nothing can touch me, I’m feeling better than ever.”

We are going through a lot as women around the world — from abortion and women’s rights to just generally dealing with daily catcalls and making less money than our male counterparts. And then an indie pop track comes along — in this case from Giungla — and it lets us know that nothing can touch us, we can go out and make our mark, and take steps to our individual and collective journey.

Listen to the incredible track below (and save it for the next time you go on an interview or need a little empowerment).

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