Don Diablo & Jessie J // BRAVE

Future House trailblazer and world-renowned artist Don Diablo joined forces with our girl Jessie J for this new single, “BRAVE.” After hearing this track, I realized that there is one place that it belongs (other than in the Spotify playlist of little girls everywhere), and that’s here on High Street.

No matter how strong or courageous we can be, even the strongest and most brave need a little push every now and then—and this track does just that.

“Sometimes, you just need an extra push to have more courage in life and more courage to chase your dreams or to simply stand up for what you believe in. I had always wanted to work with Jessie … I simply couldn’t imagine anybody else bringing across the message of this song better than she could. – Don Diablo

The dance track is an anthem for 2020, and none other than Jessie J is our Queen of the year.

“After hearing the lyrics to “Brave” I immediately wanted be part of this great song and message. There is nothing about this song that doesn’t make you feel something or want to dance!” – Jessie J

Listen to the track below.


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