High Street-approved Gift Guide

Believe it or not, Christmas is next week and if you’re like me, you’ve only shopped for yourself. True story. Fear not disco babes, I’ve put together a nice little gift guide for everyone in your tribe.

The Posh Girl


We know the type. Hell, it’s not called High Street Disco for nothing. This friend has all of the designer clothes—including designer athleisure—and you might feel like you won’t be able to afford their taste. This Tory Burch bag won’t set you back too far: it’s $248, available with the classic Tory Burch logo and in a multitude of colors (although you don’t get more classic than black), and the designer hasn’t completely fallen off the fashion circuit.

See for yourself at Tory Burch.

The Yogi

This friend is probably the easiest to shop for—you can get her (him, or them) a pack of yoga classes at a local studio, a gorgeous yoga mat, or some crystals for beginners. We went for the crystals because it feels like a thoughtful gift, and you might get some healing osmosis out of it.

The paperback version of this book just came out in November—points for recency—and you can always add a few starter crystals to finish out the set.

Shop on Amazon | $13.55

The Paris-obsessed femme

You might be feeling like everyone is obsessed with Paris these days, and you know what? You’re not wrong. Short of getting your Paris-obsessed friend a trip to Paris, you can help them get through a conversation beyond the ‘bonjours’ with a beginner’s guide to French book.

If you want to take it a step further, true Francophile’s can’t stop talking about “The Bonjour Effect,” which covers the nuances of the French language and culture.

Shop on Amazon | $13.49

The essayist / writer

Since the TV show GIRLS came out, everyone who studied journalism or English is aching to be a published writer, film producer, or essayist. Better yet, every millennial (including me) feels that their story must be told—and published. If your friend is like me and about 50% of other New Yorkers, have them take a break from their essays to read one of the best nonfiction books printed recently. “Everything I know about love” is a hit in London (thanks to my British girlfriends for encouraging me (see: harassing me) to read the book), and is a great example of what a collection of nonfiction essays should be.

Shop on Amazon | $12.64

Don’t see something on the list that should be added? Email me at highstreetdisco@gmail.com.


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