Musician Kira Metcalf’s Favorite New York Spots

Kira Metcalf is a musician and writer based out of Brooklyn, NY. Her introspective work often centers around vivid emotional narratives and topics of mental health. In 2019, she authored You and #MeToo , a zine based on her experiences as a woman in professional, creative, and intimate spaces. Alongside friend and researcher Mary-Louise Hildebrandt, Kira Metcalf recently co-founded Radical Resilience- an organization dedicated to developing comprehensive resources for corporate, collaborative, & educational environments to address inequality and discrimination. With new releases on the horizon, you can find Kira’s music on all streaming platforms. For more information on Radical Resilience and her various creative endeavours, follow @Kirametcalf and @RadicallyResilient on Instagram.


“I only discovered the wild, wonderful world of zines in the past few years and with that, of course, came my undying love for BlueStockings bookstore. As a volunteer-run bookstore/cafe/event space, BlueStockings is always full of fascinating people devoting their time to upholding the legacy of this inclusive hub of learning and creativity. It’s best to go in sans list or agenda and either pick up a handful of random zines or peruse the staff picks. They also provide an invaluable opportunity for budding writers and artists, accepting zine submissions to sell in-store. In a city dominated by capitalism, it gives me so much joy and hope to see an establishment thriving off of the passion of volunteers.” 


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Café Rue Dix

“I have invented many an excuse to go to Crown Heights just to visit Cafe Rue Dix. I haven’t come across many French-Senegalese restaurants in NYC, but it’s their inventive cocktails and stellar food that make them such a stand out. Pre-Covid, their low-lit, intimate dining room was a favorite spot for grabbing dinner, but now I’ll just make my daily walk a trek for Cafe Rue Dix takeout. Also, not that I personally have ever done this, but their bathroom decor is perfect for those nights when you have 1 too many cocktails and find yourself taking selfies for 10 minutes until your friends come to find out what could possibly be taking you this long. Again, not speaking from personal experience.”


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New Women Space

“Any art space can call themselves “inclusive” but few achieve the warmth and welcoming atmosphere of the New Women Space in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Owned and operated by WoC, New Women Space is, in their own words,  “a vibrant and affirming community-led event space centered on inclusivity, gender equity, creative expression, and celebration of identity.” Honestly, who could put it any better? Every event I’ve attended at NWS, many curated by the Cooties Zine Collective, featured art, vendors, and content from an incredibly talented and diverse array of creatives. As a woman navigating the NY music scene, NWS has been a refreshing alternative to the numerous mostly white and male-dominated event spaces. This is not a place that touts diversity simply to hold a trendy label of “safe space.” Anyone who steps into NWS, regardless of gender, can do so knowing they will be welcomed and accepted for who they are.”


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