Talking Shop With Kristyn Potter, Founder Of Chez Nous Guide

In Refinery29’s new Talking Shop series, we’re chatting with owners of up-and-coming small businesses about their experiences launching, the big challenges and wins they’ve faced, and of course, their products and services. Discover new spots to patronize, while getting an intimate look at what it takes to run a small business in today’s economy. Do you run a small business or do you want to recommend a small business you’d like to see featured on Talking Shop? Tell us more about it here.

When the coronavirus pandemic started ravaging small businesses and endangering workers across the country, many consumers began looking more critically at where they were shopping. Is this company treating its employees humanely? Are the products being sourced ethically? How will my money be used? Even more recently, with Black Lives Matter protests happening across the country, those same consumers doubled down on their scrutiny of the places they were patronizing and moved to prioritize buying from Black-owned businesses when possible. This was the perfect environment for the genesis of Chez Nous Guide, an inclusive and intersectional home for businesses, artists, and organizations that are owned and operated by historically marginalized people.

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