Gift Guide by Rebecca Sansom, Founder of Blonde Records

Filmmaker, artist manager, and record label owner at Blonde Records, Rebecca Autumn Sansom put together a lovely gift guide for us—check out her picks below.


I recommend the highly innovative Allison DeVane’s Minute Mimosa Sugar Cube Trio. I can’t paint the picture better than the one on Uncommon Goods where this is sold so here it is,

“The ladies have gathered at your place, glasses of bubbly in hand. Like a fairy godmother, you stroll by, stopping at each one to drop in a magic, flavor-infused cube. Poof! Instant mimosas (or bellinis) as the champagne dissolves the cubes. With bubbles and color and pieces of fruit floating to the top, it’s a beautiful sight. They’re a fun, delicious surprise for brunches or bridal showers, and an easy cocktail any time.” 

You can find it here


I have a 3.5 year old daughter, so I also recommend another find from Uncommon Goods; The Paint Your Own S’mores Kit by Nila Nicholas. You can choose from space, holiday or love themes and the reviews are high!


Find it here



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