Curated Gifts from Trinket, by Founder Erika Briggans-Jones

We chatted with Erika Briggans-Jones, Founder of the absolutely gorgeous, well-curated site Trinket. She put together some of her favorite pieces on the site, and with Christmas just a few weeks away, we figured there was no better time like the present to share. Erika, take it away …














Hex Flower Tile Knit Blanket | Shop

I think it’s so important to make our homes as cozy as possible right now, and this brand new blanket from Tiny Deer Studio is just gorgeous.


Tis the Season to Be Tipsy Holiday Card | Shop

If you’re anything like me and are constantly behind on sending out Christmas cards, do yourself a favor and get a head start with these New Year’s ones. I love how cheeky and mod the design is.


Half-Year Notebook | Shop

This half-year notebook is perfect for the minimalist in your life. It’s super sleek but still gets the job done beautifully.


Mix Tape-Laser Cut Ornament | Shop

This mixtape ornament just screams Chez Nous to me! Plus it’s the perfect size for a stocking stuffer:

Black Excellence Necklace | Shop

I’m obsessed with this Black Excellence necklace. I can think of so many girlfriends of mine who deserve it.

Croissant Bread Lamp | Shop

This croissant lamp just tickles me to no end. It’s from a Japanese brand called Pampshade and all their lamps are made from real bread!


Three Champagne Bottles Art Print | Shop

I actually want to gift myself this champagne bottles print:

Scala Incense Burner | Shop

I love how clean and minimal the lines of this incense burner are. Plus, it’s made from Jesmonite, an eco-friendly material.


trinket was born out of equal parts passion for art and design, and frustration with the oftentimes whitewashed landscape of these spheres. it was conceptualized by a desire to help others surround themselves with beautifully designed artifacts that reflect their own varied experiences as artists, creators, and people of color.

as the folks grow more conscious of the importance of shopping small, trinket aims to take that ethos a step further: when you shop at trinket every purchase is supporting an artist, maker, or designer of color. you are investing in bipoc communities in brooklyn, london, los angeles, and beyond.

trinket was founded by erika briggans-jones, a graphic designer based in brooklyn, ny.


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