Celebrating Pride (now and always)

Chez Nous Guide was founded on the principle that if people had resources and information for making conscious, impactful decisions in how they shop and consume, the world would be a better, kinder, more equitable place.

We launched in June 2020 the week of George Floyd’s death, and admittedly focused A LOT on black-owned businesses and resources (rightfully so). From then, we’ve added eco-friendly businesses, women’s health resources (as of June 2022) and today – after TWO VERY LONG YEARS – we are pleased to announce that we have added our very first (and long overdue) LGBTQIA+ owned business.

This week will go down in Chez Nous history and we celebrate this evolution, and apologize that it has taken us so dang long. Send us all of your recs for women’s health and LGBTQIA+ businesses to cheznouslovesyou@gmail.com

With love,

Kristyn Potter, Founder of Chez Nous Guide


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