Established in June 2020, Chez Nous Guide (French for our home) is a volunteer-run inclusive and intersectional home for businesses, artists, and organizations owned and run by historically-marginalized people around the world and our allies. We are dedicated to amplifying voices that have been—and continue to be—silenced by society: people of color, women, the LGBTQIA+ community.

Crowdsourced by our community, we exist to give people around the world the resources they need to support diversity, shop inclusively, and travel ethically. In our house, we are all family. Let’s demand more from the world for ourselves, our ancestors, and our children.

Bienvenue à Chez Nous (welcome to our home).


Kristyn Potter is Founder/CEO of Left Bank Media, an international media company that includes Left Bank Magazine, High Street Disco, and Chez Nous. The St. Louis native, New York-based founder got her start in media in 2013, after completing graduate school for Media Communications and relocating to NYC. She has worked in marketing and on creative teams for some of the world’s biggest companies—including Getty Images, New York Magazine, & Sony, before branching out on her own. Email her at


Chez Nous exists to help further the efforts of inclusive founders around the world, from listing their businesses on our site to providing agency services to help with business growth.

Inclusion and accessibility are at the root of all of our projects at Chez Nous Studio—from designing user-friendly eCommerce sites to providing diversity and accessibility audits. But, we don’t stop there. 

We’ve also created a private Slack channel for BIPOC + women + LGBTQIA founders, where we share funding opportunities, marketing resources, events, announcements, and more. 


To add a listing, partner with the site, or just say hey, email Kristyn Potter (she/her) at