"Any art space can call themselves “inclusive” but few achieve the warmth and welcoming atmosphere of the New Women Space in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Owned and operated by WoC, New Women Space is, in their own words,  “a vibrant and affirming community-led event space centered on inclusivity, gender equity, creative expression, and celebration of identity.” Honestly, who could put it any better? Every event I’ve attended at NWS, many curated by the Cooties Zine Collective, featured art, vendors, and content from an incredibly talented and diverse array of creatives. As a woman navigating the NY music scene, NWS has been a refreshing alternative to the numerous mostly white and male-dominated event spaces. This is not a place that touts diversity simply to hold a trendy label of “safe space.” Anyone who steps into NWS, regardless of gender, can do so knowing they will be welcomed and accepted for who they are." - New York-based Musician, Kira Metcalf, in her curated list.


New Women Space is a 2,100 sq. ft. mixed-use space made for in-person gatherings.

A place in the community to meet, connect, start new conversations.


188 Woodpoint Rd, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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