There is no one exercise program that is right for everyone, but there can be one fitness place that is right for every body. At PIES Fitness Yoga Studio, we know there is a perfect program for you among our diverse fitness offerings.

You may want to become more flexible, get rid of tension, or even try a high power cardio class. Maybe you’re just looking to firm and tone your muscles. No matter what your fitness goal may be, PIES can help you get there.

Whether it’s the gentle movements of yoga or the aggressive techniques of kickboxing, PIES Fitness Yoga Studio has the means to shape your life. You can start off your day with us, pop in on your lunch hour or make us your last stop of the day. We’re here seven days a week for you! We also have two locations that provide evening classes to accommodate busy work schedules.

Don’t feel like you’re in any condition to start an exercise program? We offer classes at various levels, so you’ll never feel left behind. Start with yoga classes that require only gentle movements, for instance, and then work your way into more advanced moves or combination classes that include interval, cardio or resistance training.

We believe that once you condition your body, your mind and spirit will follow. If you feel good physically, your mind will become clearer and more focused, and you’ll feel at peace and happy with yourself for spiritual growth and health. At PIES Fitness Yoga Studio, we are truly committed to a total body experience and have been for the past six years.

There’s a healthier you in your future!


374 South Pickett Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22304, USA

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