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Chez Nous is an inclusive and intersectional home for businesses, artists, and organizations owned and run by historically marginalized people around the world and our allies. We are dedicated to amplifying voices that have been—and continue to be—silenced by society: people of color, women, the LGBTQIA+ community.

We made the site because we were tired of supporting big businesses, primarily owned by white males. We were looking for a way to support local, minority-owned businesses during COVID-19 and the idea to expand to women-run and LGBTQIA+-run came naturally. It’s important to us that people around the world have vetted resources to support diversity, shop inclusively, and travel ethically. 

We are classifying POC-run businesses as any business run by a person of color (POC), this includes but is not limited to: African-Americans, Pakistani, Chinese, Korean, Chinese-American, West African, South African, Turkish, etc.  We aren’t going to use this platform (right now) to debate on who qualifies as a person of color and who doesn’t. Right now our objective is ensuring non-white people have a platform for finding and sharing resources.

Supporting and giving a platform to voices that have been marginalized is not the same thing as hating white people, or not wanting white businesses and founders to succeed. In today’s climate, our duty at Chez Nous is to lift up voices that have been silenced, while providing a place for people in these various communities to support each other.

Glad you asked!

POC – person of color

LGBTQIA+ – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, queer, intersex, asexual, ally

BIPOC – black, indigenous, and people of color

You can learn more about frequently used diversity + inclusion-related terms in our glossary

Glad you asked. Chez Nous doesn’t discriminate on who we take help from. You can send us LGBTQIA+, POC, women-run businesses in your area. You can volunteer to moderate the site and get new listings added. You can volunteer to manage our social media. You can call senators. You can protest. You can dismantle racism among friends, peers, and families. And if you’ve done all that and still want to help, email our founder Kristyn Potter directly –

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